Yasmin Hildebrand
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Yasmin Brooke Hildebrand


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Clowns, Porcelain Dolls, Needles, Bees

Episode Eliminated:





Nicko (Secret Boyfriend)


Todd, Anikia, Pierce, Dan, Phil



Favourite Disney Movie:

The Lion King/The Nightmare Before Christmas

Poison Apples Edit

When Yasmin first arrived, she walks to Todd and talks to him about My Little Pony until Dan & Phil show up, in which she gawked at them and hugged them, she then compliments Luana's outfits when she arrives. When Nicko shows up, Yasmin stares at him, a little surprised to see him. Once everyone has arrived, she is put onto Team Merida.

Later on when the group begins working on their poison apples, Yasmin notices Anikia's discomfort and runs after her when she leaves, knowing full well that Anikia is suffering from a panic attack as she suffers from them as well. After comforting her, Yasmin goes back to her team and helps them win the challenge.

Later that night Yasmin went into the confessional rooms and laid out a map that led Nicko there, the two hugged and kissed each other, both being upset that they were on opposite teams, but the two agreeing that they had to keep their romance a secret.

Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland! Edit

Yasmin is excited when she learns about the Alice in Wonderland-fear challenge and compares it to a Fearscape in the book series "Divergent," she then looks at Nicko and mouths "Good luck" to him.

Later in the maze Yasmin has a panic attack and starts freaking out, imagining the people at home watching her and thinking about how much of a coward she was. She starts weeping and can't imagine a way out, until Nicko rushes to her rescue, forgetting about his team and worrying about her. He holds her and comforts her while she cries.

When her team loses the challenge, Yasmin worries that she'll be sent home as she's one of the only people who didn't get out of the maze. Fortunately for her, Kiki is sent home in her place.

Fashion Made For a God Edit

Yasmin doesn't feature much in the next episode aside from wondering where Eliza is after Travis kisses Lila, she tries to help her team dress Travis like Zeus, but fails, she then questions Eliza later and asks her why her eyes are red.


Nicko- Yasmin and Nicko were dating before the show began and form a sort of "forbiddon love" relationship within the show, as the two try their best to keep their relationship hidden, but still try and be there for one another.

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