Welcome to the Total Drama Disney WikiEdit

Welcome to the Total Drama Disney Wiki This is a wikia for the fanfiction made by Ninjacupcake88, titled: Total Drama Disney. My source of obtaining characters for this fanfic are my friends on the Total Drama Fancharacters spot on fanpop. This fanfic is a crossover between Disney and Total Drama Island with challenges being Disney themed and this wikia will be my main source of info about the characters. To be honest, this wiki is more for my benefit then anyone's, as it's a good way to balance and store all my info about the characters. Feel free to edit pages (as long as they remain non bias and worded correctly) and add pages at will =)


Todd Hue - twitdrama

Anikia Pokler - sorandom15

Ashlen McCalvan - 666demon

Kiki - sparkles3

Travis - _Ares2002_

Nicko - _Ares2002_

Callie Royale - princess2109

Eliza Davis - PhoenixRoyale

Luana - DandC4Evacute

Perri - DandC4Evacute

Lila Hollister - DandC4Evacute

Alicia - colecutegirl

Miranda Munroe - colecutegirl

Riley Evernite - colecutegirl

Phil Lester - ninjacupcake88

Dan Howell - ninjacupcake88

Pierce Lyons - ninjacupcake88

Yasmin Hildebrand - ninjacupcake88


Episode 1: Poison Apples

Episode 2: Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland!

Episode 3: Fashion Made For a God

Episode 4: Everyone's New Groove

Episode 5: Total Drama Incredibles

Themes For EpisodesEdit

Poison Apples: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland!: Alice in Wonderland

Fashion Made For a God: Hercules

Everyone's New Groove: The Emperor's New Groove

Total Drama Incredibles: The Incredibles

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