Pierce Lyons
Drawn by smartone123


Pierce Joshua Lyons


"Fierce" Pierce




Being rejected.

Episode Eliminated:





Miranda (Crush)


Yasmin, Kiki



Favourite Disney Movie:


Poison Apples Edit

When Pierce arrives he is introduced alongside Miranda in which he grabs her hand and pulls her into the group of people. He is then placed on Team Merida with her.

When the group begins making poison apples, Pierce offers to be the one that has to be woken up. He bites into the apple later and immediately falls asleep, and is then kissed reluctantly by Miranda and woken up.

Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland! Edit

In the Nightmare-maze, Pierce sees a simulated version of Miranda who begins insulting him, in order to make her stop he rushes towards her and kisses her, saying that he loves her. The sudden confession shocks him and he retreats. He is then taken out of the maze and almost immediately goes back in to search for Yasmin and Kiki who are still trapped in the maze. He finds Kiki and pulls her off the ground and out of the maze.

During the elimination ceremony, Pierce gets his statue and reassures Miranda that she'll get hers soon enough.

Fashion Made For a God Edit

The next day Miranda confronts Pierce and asks him why he hasn't talked to her all day, in which he replies that "nothing's up," but in reality he's not used to having strong feelings for a girl.

He gets his statue later at his team's elimination ceremony, and sends a look over to Miranda telling her she'll be fine.


Miranda- Pierce had already started flirting with Miranda prior to Total Drama Disney, the two have had crushes on each other for a long time but just don't want to admit it.


  • Although Pierce considers himself a flirt, the only person he seems to flirt with is Miranda.

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