Phil Lester
Dan and Phil2
Drawn by Elkhat-Law


Philip Michael Lester


Phil, AmazingPhil





Episode Eliminated:





Dan (Best friend/shipped with)


Dan, Alicia, Riley, Yasmin, Callie



Favourite Disney Movie:

All of them.

Poison Apples Edit

Phil hugs everyone he sees when he shows up, feeling very relaxed and calm when around people. Phil is at first very kind and sweet as to helping Callie when she falls down and wrapping his arms tightly around Riley when she shows up. When the time came, Phil was placed on Team Rapunzel.

Phil offers to be his team's test-subject for their poison apple, and when he tries it he falls to the ground, coughing violently. Dan rushes to his aid and tries to shake him, he and Nicko then take Phil to the infirmary. 

During the elimination ceremony Phil seems to have gotten better and is only coughing slightly, he approaches Alicia after the elimination and explains that he wanted to thank her for calming Dan down, knowing how worried Dan gets.

Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland! Edit

In the Wonderland maze, Riley and Phil manage to meet up. While Riley quickly conquers her fear of being hated, Phil is left in the maze alone to face his fear, wasps.

Wasps begin attacking Phil, and Phil panics, taking off his shoe and throwing it at them. He then tries running at the bugs, hoping that they won't sting him. Sure enough, he gets taken out of the maze and to safety.

Fashion Made For a God Edit

Phil isn't seen a lot in this episode.

The next morning Phil and the other boys are rudely awoken by Stella, Phil gets up slowly and reluctantly. He helps his team cover Lila in toilet paper to reassemble Athena.


Dan- Dan and Phil are best friends who live together, with their bond, many people assume they're in a homosexual relationship. They both care very deeply about each other, although not always showing it in fear of being shipped together by their fans.

Alicia- Phil seems to care very strongly for Alicia, and encourages her and Dan to pursue their relationship in the hope that they'll be happy together. 


  • Phil is actually based off real youtube-star Philip Michael Lester (AmazingPhil.)
    • Phil is actually flatmates/best friends with fellow internet star Dan Howell (danisnotonfire.)

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