Dan Howell
Dan and Phil
Drawn by colecutegirl


Daniel James Howell


Dan, danisnotonfire, Dan the Man





Episode Eliminated:





Alicia (Crush), Phil (Best friend/shipped with)


Phil, Alicia, Riley, Yasmin



Favourite Disney Movie:


Poison Apples Edit

As soon as Dan shows up, Yasmin and Alicia begin gawking at him and Phil, while Phil gives hugs to everyone there and smiles at them, Dan awkwardly follows behind him. Shortly after being hugged by Riley, an old friend of Dan's, Dan is placed on Team Rapunzel.

While his team works, Lila notices that Alicia is missing from helping them, and Dan offers to go look for her. He wanders off to the dorm rooms and asks Alicia if he can come into the girl's dorm room. Dan notices that Alicia is scared of the crowd of people, much like he is a lot of the time... he starts telling her that there's no reason to be scared and when she gets up she worries about her team being mad at her for sitting out. Dan responds that he'd protect her and gives her a little hug, the kindest hug she's ever recieved.

When the two return to their team, Ashlen yells at them for taking too long and not helping them. Dan tells her to shut it and walks with Alicia to Phil, who is testing the team's poison apple. Phil collapses after taking a bite and starts coughing violently and Dan shakes him, worried about his friend. Alicia squeezes Dan's hand for comfort, knowing how worried Dan must be about his flatmate.

Later that night Dan sat outside the infirmary, waiting for news about Phil. Alicia takes this time to return the favor to Dan and comfort him before the elimination. During the ceremony he grabs his statue and tells Alicia that she won't be sent home. 

Wonderland? More Like Nightmareland! Edit

During the Alice in Wonderland maze, Alicia panics when she loses sight of Dan, and Dan scrambles around in an attempt to find her. Dan wanders around the maze alone, searching for her until he is stopped in his tracks by a massive butterfly. Dan makes an attempt to talk to the creature, telling him that there's this cute girl he's wanting to find. The butterfly hisses at Dan and Dan runs up to it and hugs it tightly, hoping that he'd be able to escape the maze.

When Dan is taken out of the maze, he notices that Alicia isn't there with the rest of his team, he runs back into the maze to search for her. He told her to keep yelling so that he could find her, when he does he pulls her out of the maze and she lands on his body, noticing his discomfort, she quickly gets off and thanks him. He smiles at her and says that it was the "least he could do."

Fashion Made For a God Edit

The next morning Dan and his fellow contestants are woken up, he angrily grumples that he doesn't wake up before 1pm on a normal day.

Before the Hercules competition, Dan suggests that Team Rapunzel dress up Lila (their model) like the goddess Athena. Alicia smiles and says it's a good idea and Dan smiles back, replying that he would have chosen her as the team's model because of how beautiful she is.

Dan later guides his team through the process of making an outfit similar to Athena's, although not quite used to leading a group, his team came out with a stunning Athena-replica and won the challenge.


Phil- Dan and Phil are best friends who live together, with their bond, many people assume they're in a homosexual relationship. They both care very deeply about each other, although not always showing it in fear of being shipped together by their fans.

Alicia- Alicia and Dan have a close friendship right from the start, with Dan helping Alicia overcome her shyness... making her develop a crush on him. Dan doesn't realize Alicia's crush but likes her back and does everything in his power to protect her.


  • Dan is based off real youtube-star Daniel James Howell (danisnotonfire.)
    • Dan is actually flatmates/best friends with fellow internet star Phil Lester (AmazingPhil.)

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